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Members are entitled to the following exclusive offers from iFree Group:

MOGO S1@HK$785 – A pocket size 4G solution for all your devices (up to 10 devices simultaneously)*.

This device is retailing at HK$1000 at FREE 35-day MOGO S1 Mobile Wifi package for use in Japan, China, Thailand, Europe, USA & Vietnam* (or equivalent).

​*Please refer to the purchase form https://bit.ly/2K0WtRq for more details.

​If you are interested, please fill in the purchase form https://bit.ly/2K0WtRq and email it to partnersales@ifreegroup.com.

​For more details, please call Darren at 2473 8888 or email partnersales@ifreegroup.com 

Website: https://www.ifreegroup.com/#/home

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