MAHK | A cozy evening at Whey


“Ooh, ahh, just a little bit..”

“Ooh, ahh, just a little bit more..”

This song by Gina G, kept playing in our heads the whole time..  while we were at Whey! *even at pre-drinks*

Chef Barry @ Whey is truly brilliant.

We typically would feel this way when we patron western/european food establishments..

At Whey….

We were taken through a captivating journey of our childhood favourites from our Malaysian / Singaporean parents’ and grandparents’ kitchen.

His style is very special.. The dish presentation is highly molecular but every bite is a rendition of classic old-school Asian cooking.

We oooooohhhh-ed and aaahhhh-ed at every bite.

And shamelessly asked for more.. (Malaysian mahhh..)

And the “themed wine-pairing”.. don’t even get us started! We had a professional bar-tender in attendance, so we know we can’t be fooled. Every glass was a velvet glove to the paired dish.. our resident bar-tender guest fully agreed, he even had all the bottles lined up in front of him the whole evening.. ROFL…

All in all, we had a spectacular experience.

We felt fortunate that we were able to share this experience with Whey and the team in attendance on that evening.

And most importantly, we at MAHK are able to showcase and celebrate a very talented young Asian chef!

See you at our next MAHK event..

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