MAHK x HKMSA Abang-Kakak-Adik (AKA) Programme, Oct- Nov 2022

Opening Ceremony

We are happy to announce that the Abang-Kakak-Adik (AKA) Programme has kicked off today!

Seeing that there are many Malaysian students in Hong Kong who are eager to learn more about the workforce in Hong Kong and how working Malaysians here cope with their social lives, The Malaysian Association of Hong Kong (MAHK) together with The Hong Kong Malaysian Student Association (HKMSA) brought forward the idea of a guidance programme.

The opening ceremony went very well👍. We are proud to see the adiks openly sharing their needs as well 😍 will be sharing more about the programme soon and we can’t wait for the upcoming events!


Round Table “Cakap” 1 - Stepping Out of our Comfort Zone

Together with our adik, here are some skillsets that we have learnt ⬇️

✅Learning how to face new challenges and deal with situations that we are not familiar with
✅Embrace agility, adapt to change, create new opportunities
✅Staying positive
✅Some public speaking skills

Thank you to our abang kakak who shared their experience and kudos to the adik who stepped out of your comfort zone to join us on this programme! 👏🏼

Stay tuned on our social media as you watch the abang kakak and adik grow and learn together! 💖


#recap of Abang-Kakak-Adik Programme Round Table “Cakap” 2

Today’s we discussed traits companies look for in new hires as many questions raised were raised by many job applicants 🧑‍💻 and we thought it would be helpful to the adiks to address these questions

Here are some takeaways from our round table cakap today 👇🏼
💖Tips that can help make job applicants look unique to companies that they are applying for and things to take note while interviewing for a job
💖Unique quirks of HK’s hiring culture

Thank you again to our lead mentor Darren for sharing the tips as well as other abang-kakaks Kevin, Janice, Gina, Derek, Eeswary and Zhan who shared their tips interviewing candidates or being interviewed by HRs during their past job seeking experience.

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#recap of Abang-Kakak-Adik Programme Mentoring IS Fun Part 1 - Malaysia Master Chef Challenge

An eventful experience for our Adiks today, when they got to test their cooking skills with our Abang Darren, Abang Kevin and Kakak Jelinda.

With a restricted $100 budget + 2 packet of Nissin Noodles each, the Adiks and Abang/Kakak need to figure out how to fill their grocery bags, beyond this, they need to take care of the Judges’s criteria of their creativity, taste, complexity and presentation of the Nissin Noodles.

Everyone did very well, took every effort in slicing their vegetables, meat and a team attempted to peel of a bag of 100kg Taugey (not sure if they knew what to do with it when they purchased that) 🤔

Despite the limited time, all presented their dishes from party bowl of nissin noodles, minced beef omelette, nissin mee mamak goreng to deep friend chicken breast with nissin noodle bread crumbs, garnished with fresh salad with a bowl of mix vegetable soup, aka as ABC Soup

Take aways,
🙋 learned there are structural steps to every task you take on even making a simple dish
🙋 team work, communicating and prioritising needs with limited budget
🙋 time management

Thank you to #CROWN CGS for sponsoring us the use of their Kitchen showroom and thank you #CROWN CGS for their gifts to our Adiks

Thank you to Consul General Encik. Muzambli for dropping by and giving our Adiks a big boost of confidence

#mahk #hkmsa
#malaysia #hongkong #malaysiansinhk #mentorshipprogram


AKA Let’s Have Fun 2 was our last activity before the closing ceremony. This time, Abang Darren, Abang Chen Yik and Kakak Zhan have taken up the challenge to lead 3 teams of Adiks in a “City Hunt” and to complete an Escape Room Game.


The teams were required to complete as many riddles on “City Hunt” and the team who answered the most riddles was given the first priority to pick an Escape Room of their choice. The adiks and Abang Kakaks had a lot of fun and Kudos to Abang Darren’s team who won the first place to complete their escape room within the time limit.

A few takeaways and skills were acquired from this Let’s Have Fun activity 👇🏼
⭕ Time Management Skills – to plan ahead so that tasks can be done within the given timeframe
⭕ Leadership Skills – a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way
⭕ Teamwork makes the dreamwork
⭕ Take the tasks seriously but don’t forget to have fun!

A tiring but fruitful day indeed for both Abang Kakak and Adik! 😉

#recap of Abang Kakak Adik Closing Ceremony ☘️

2 months in and it is time to say goodbyes to our Adik on AKA program. Interestingly, this programme was not positioned as a mentorship programme, as the organising committee believed that both abang/kakak and Adik could learn from each other and benefit from the programme. Indeed, the Adik learnt about the skillsets needed from Abang Jern and Abang Darren while they prepare to enter the workforce and abang Kakak who have entered the workforce for quite awhile now have re-ignited their creativity whilst working alongside with the adik.
A big thank you to the organising committee from HKMSA – Siou Wei and Valerie especially, to make this happen. They have been dedicating their time for the past two months to plan and execute the activities. Thank you to our program sponsor Gina and her brilliant ideas, this AKA Program will not materialise without her. To our abang kakak, we thank you for your time and effort to participate in our activities despite your busy schedule.
And a super big thank you to CG Muzambli for his continuous support to both MAHK and HKMSA.

Special Credits to Abang Kakak💖
Kakak Janice
Kakak Eeswary
Kakak Jelinda
Kakak Zhan
Abang Darren
Abang Jern
Abang Kevin
Abang Derek

Appreciation Message to Sponsors 🥰
🔥Thank you Kenneth from HK Land for sponsoring the training centre in Jardine House
🔥Thank you Joyce for sponsoring her co-working kitchen for our Let’s Have Fun activity @crown_cgs
Hopefully this meaningful chapter will come back again next year!

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