Merdeka Nite 2022

Jointly organised by The Malaysian Association of Hong Kong (MAHK) and The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong & Macau (MAYCHAM), we have put together the amazing Merdeka Nite 2022 this year! This spectacular event was very challenging given the pandemic conditions as well as the typhoon striking Hong Kong a day before the actual event. The organising committee had all hands on deck to ensure the event go on smoothly, with the safety of our guests as top priority.

Many of us Malaysians have not returned to our home country for a long time, which makes it all the more meaningful that we can share this moment of joy in Hong Kong, our home away from home.

This year marks the 65th anniversary of Malaysia’s national day. The official theme is Teguh Bersama, which means staying firm together. To demonstrate our commitment to this goal, we have set the theme of this Merdeka Nite as Saya Anak Malaysia, which translates to sons and daughters of Malaysia. To emerge stronger and more united as a nation from a period of global uncertainty, we commit to uphold the Malaysian spirit and foster lasting connections that promote the sustainable development of Malaysia.

For the friends who came over to celebrate the night with us, we thank you and hope you had a great time!

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