Power of Food & Friends | A casual feast @ Nyonya Coming

A casual feast @ “NYONYA COMING”.You’d think you put 16 persons in a cozy/compact sized dinner venue (mostly strangers to each other), that they would eat their dinner quietly in pattern and wrap up by 9pm. Voila! Then, go home, watch TV, another glass of wine, get some work done, meditate… then Zzzzz.

Errr .. NOT…

They come, they sit, they start talking as if they know each other for the last decade! And there goes your scheduled 9pm exit!

It is always astonishing on the wonder of how we, fellow homo-sapiens, can forget about all our daily predicaments and just love the food and enjoy the people we share it with.

Chef Derek Choong Nyonya Coming, truly made it extra special for us, his cooking is truly from the heart. We got a glimpse of his genuine love for cooking, when he took a small break from the kitchen, to tell us how he feels about his cooking, his family heritage, and gave a small hint to his secret home recipe for the asam fish soup.. Hmmmm yeah, no, we are not sharing that info with the rest of you lot..

We went to #Nyonyacoming with no expectations and we left – happy, fully stuffed, delighted, and with a bag full of new friends.. (SsHhhhhh..some people walked away with a bag full of Sambal Belacan and Onde Onde) P/S: Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.

Hmm… albeit, I may be open for a reveal bid, if you want to know who the newly reigned “Sambal Monster” is. This person, can put Janice, Jelinda and I out of business, when it comes to Sambal. This person treats Sambal like juice. Now The 2Js and 1E, will have to go train harder for our next event.. to take back our throne.

Alright folks, it’s a wrap from the Nyonya Coming crew – brought to you by JoM Makan – Dinner Club by MAHK. It was yet another feel-good outcome where we were able to celebrate a young and talented Asian and Malaysian chef in HK!

See you soon.
Stay safe and best wishes in 2023.

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