Ahhh… this evening is still very vivid..

Everyone was on time.

Everyone was patient to get on the tram.

So well behaved, it was shocking! LOL..

Evidently, everyone was ready to partyyyyy…

All guests were thrilled that we had #tram18, the one and only…

It is a special tram, it has a modern, fun design, it has three thematic rooms, coupled with its own kitchenette, washroom and a balcony!

Mr. Leung (our TRAM pilot from @hktramways @hktramparty), departed Whittey Street depot, right on time.

The evening started on a magical note.

There was a chilled and relaxed vibe with all the guests, whilst we rode around in our magical double decker carriage #tram18. It was an iconic ride on a historic Hong Kong national treasure.

There was also a special stop for photo shoots (Courtesy of our tram pilot), we took so many photos from the top deck, around the tram, climbing, descending.. oh lalalala…. Even pedestrians stopped to help us with photo taking… ‘crazy Malaysians and their friends’…

Once again, thank you for joining us on the #tram18 and for supporting MAHK and most importantly to #explorehongkong with MAHK!

Take care and see you soon at our next gathering.

PS: Big thank you to @hktramways @hktramparty team at the office, at the depot, our kind tram coordinator Ms. Emily and our very diligent and safe tram pilot, Mr. Leung.

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