The Association welcomes fellow Malaysians and non-Malaysians to join us as member. Membership will be valid till 31 December 2024 if you join NOW!

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Each applicant is advised to submit one form only.

Notes (subject to Ordinary or Associate member category):
Family Plan:

  1. Primary Member: Membership Fee + Joining Fee.
  2. Supplementary Member: Membership Fee.
  3. Child*: Fee waived (if aged under 12years old).
  4. Child**: Pay 50% of membership/renewal fee (if aged above 12years and under 18years old).
  5. Each primary member can only add ONE (1) supplementary member per family plan.
  6. Each primary member can add respective immediate children only, and all children added to the plan will be tagged to the primary member of the relevant plan.


Family Membership Plan – this membership plan is defined as below:

  1. A married couple, registered domestic partners, immediate family members 18 years of age or older, siblings, uncle/aunt with nephews and/or nieces, or a single parent, with one or more dependent children, are eligible to join the family membership plan.
  2. Children must be under the age of 18 to be included on a Family membership.
  3. At the discretion of MAHK, any member of MAHK committee may request the married couple to present proof of relationship through the submission of a legal and/or recognized marriage certificate.
  4. All children must be and immediate children of the primary member of the Family Membership Plan.
  5. At the discretion of MAHK, any member of MAHK committee may request the registered domestic partner (partners who live in the same residence on a permanent basis) to present proof of address for both parties.
  6. Immediate family members need to be a sibling, relative or grandparent.
  7. Each individual added to the Family Membership Plan is permanent during the membership period (i.e., 1 January to 31 December); and cannot be altered during the membership year.
  8. All individual members as part of the Family Membership Plan are not interchangeable and cannot be exchanged or loaned within the membership plan nor with any external parties that are not named on the Family Membership Plan.
  9. Should the MAHK committee discover that a membership was interchanged or loaned to another party other than the ones names in the membership plan, MAHK reserves the right to terminate the corresponding Family Membership Plan.
  10. The Family Membership Plan is not applicable to members who are under student memberships.


  1. My partner and I are currently Ordinary/Associate members. We have already paid the joining fee for both of us at the time of joining MAHK. Can we now convert our memberships to the Family Membership Plan and request for a refund of the joining fee for the supplementary member?
    No. This membership plan is for new members only. 
  2. How many supplementary member(s) can I add to the Family Membership Plan?
    One (1) only.
  3. How many children can I add to the Family Membership Plan?
    Unlimited. All children added will need to be a legitimate child of the Primary member. Primary member will be requested to provide proof of child/parent relationship at time of application.
  4. Can I add my step/adopted children?
    Yes, only if the primary member can provide proof of child/parent relationship at time of application.
  5. Can you give me an example of the type of supplementary members that can be added to the Family Membership Plan?
    Wife, Husband, Domestic Partner, Children, Mother, Father, Sister (with same surname), Brother (with same surname), Uncle, Aunty, Grandmother and Grandfather.
  6. Can I add my niece/nephew as my children on the Family Membership Plan?
    Niece/Nephew can be added as a Supplementary member (up to one (1) person only) and not as part of the Child member.
  7. Can I add my girlfriend or boyfriend as my Supplementary member?
    Yes, however, you may only elect one (1) girlfriend or one (1) boyfriend as your supplementary member and such individual cannot be replaced with any other person during the duration of your membership plan.

If you require further clarifications, please email us at