Spritzer is a household name in Malaysia famous for its natural mineral water. It has been served on airlines, trains, and hotels in Hong Kong. Due to the travel restriction, Spritzer’s distributor is facing difficulties in selling the remaining supplies and therefore it’s time to show our support!

Now, Spritzer is offering a special promotion for its ready-to-drink cup water that is best complemented with set meal serving, with the price as low as $0.6/cup, coming in the following pack size

96 x 90ml (over 5000 cases available)

72 x 100ml (over 1700 cases available)

The product is ideal for corporate events, seminar talks, meetings, parties, takeaway/delivery meals, and other occasions where applicable, as they conveniently come in ready-to-serve small packaging and have a long shelf life until 2022. Upon special request, the distributor A & W Food Service (Hong Kong) Limited  is willing to offer a lower price for bulk purchase or charity use.

Spritzer natural mineral water is extracted from a 420-feet underground source in a vast 330 acre environmentally friendly site surrounded by lush tropical rainforests greenery, away from pollution. The water contains rich silicon that give the water soft, smooth mouthfeel and could help to reduce the excess levels of neurotoxin from human body.

Stay hydrated, drink Spritzer! Keep yourself healthy by taking in enough water and support the Malaysian brand so we can survive this critical period together. Please call the order hotline 2606 2000 or email sales@anwfood.com for more information!

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