The North Borneo

Missing the flavourful Malaysian cuisine but shy of time or skill? Here come the convenient “All-in-One” flavouring paste recipes with simple step-by-step cooking instruction, which can bring you the most authentic taste of Malaysia in just 20 minutes! Do not miss out on their star products – A1 Instant Curry Pack (Rendang, Seafood & Meat ), A1 Bak Kut Teh and 3-in-1 coffee. Also, add some spice to your cooking with their A1 Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder and the mouthwatering Sambal paste (Chili Shrimp Paste)! Free delivery is available upon purchase of HK$100

The North Borneo – as its name implies, the founder comes from Sabah of Malaysia, one of the most beautiful lands in Malaysia where multi-ethnics and races live together. The name “The Land below the Wind” originated from its location just south of the typhoon-prone region, while the wind brings a sign of safety as the accompanied cloud and fog would protect the land from the intruders’ sight. The North Borneo hopes to use this sense of security to safeguard the local tastes, to pass on our traditional tastes from one generation to another and even carry forward to all parts of the world – now it has arrived in Hong Kong!

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