What is in Laksa Sarawak?

Introducing Halia & Co, currently serving Authentic Laksa Sarawak in Hong Kong from a private kitchen. Consisting of more than 20 types of different spices, the unique taste of  Laksa Sarawak caters to both locals and foreigners’ taste. What makes Sarawak Laksa special is the prawn-based broth that is darker in colour, milder and refreshing in flavour as a result of the aromatic herb and spices. Enjoy the healthy homemade Laksa that is completely free from MSG, preservatives and artificial colourings!

To place your order, please WhatsApp 9016 7538, available from Monday to Saturday. Please note that Halia & Co requires pre-order of 1 day ahead for every order. Check out their Facebook and Instagram page for more information!!

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